Many toxins get into your body and it’s your body’s job to get them out. However, your body may have trouble detoxing on its own. Our foot bath ion cleansing treatment helps your body detox faster and figure out where the toxins in your body are coming from. It has been found in many studies that an ion cleanse can help your body detox better and find balance. Ion cleansing is when an ionic field is created in the water bath which pulls at your body’s system, drawing out toxins from wherever they are in your body and releasing them into the water. This process can also show what may be imbalanced in your body, as seen below in the FAQ. Berks Chiro provides ion cleansing to help your body regain balance. Check out the FAQ below to learn more about ion cleansing and for some questions you may have about your treatment. We have provided this service to many satisfied clients in and around Blandon PA, Reading PA, Oley PA, and Fleetwood PA.

How often can I get this treatment?

We recommend every other day as a good treatment plan, but for people over 65 treatments should be about every third day.

Can’t I get treated every day?

The body needs time to come into balance after these treatments, so having daily treatments could cause the body to go into a healing crisis.

Can I use this treatment even when I have prescriptions?

Prescriptions from a doctor usually don’t cause harm when using the treatment, but you should consult your doctor to make sure it’s okay with your medication.

Should I remove jewelry before the treatment?

Yes, no jewelry should be worn in the bath.

Would the treatment be affected by metal plates in my body?

Metal plates should be fine with the treatment, but electrical implants could cause issues. Talk to your doctor before using the treatment.

How does my body even detox?

The skin is the second largest system next to the lungs that detoxes your body, getting rid of toxins or pollutants. If your body is able to detox well and often, it can fight against future viruses or pollutants.

Why does the water change color during my treatment?

The water will gradually change on its own due to the reaction of the metals in the water, the array, and the ion field, but when human feet are in the water, the toxins in the body interact with the metals of the array to cause a different change in water color.

So what does the water color mean?

Studies have found a correlation between certain organ imbalances and changes in the water color. Below is a list generally used among practitioners of ion treatments:

Red = Blood Clots

Orange = Joints

Yellow = Urinary Tract

Green = Gallbladder

Blue = Kidney

Brown = Liver, Joints

Black = Heavy Metals

White = Lymphatic + Yeast

Why is the water color different at different treatments?

Because your body is changing and has different amount and types of toxins as well as a different energy state, there can be variations in color.

Am I allowed to touch the array during my treatment?

It will not mess with the treatment to touch the array, but we do recommend staying still during the treatments so you can see the toxins from your body float to the top of the water.

What does the array do?

The array is a conductor that generates the ionic field, allowing the energy into your body.

Why are there bubbles coming up from the array?

The ionic field causes hydrogen and oxygen to separate in the water, making a gas bubble.

Why do I get tired after the treatment?

The body detoxes faster during the treatment, so your body could get tired from that. This will fade as your body regains balance.detox with ion cleansing