You might have a chronic issue or overall poor health that gets in the way of living well and healthy. The source of your issue could be a weak part of the nervous system that has become a problem over time due to stress, poor diet, or physical trauma. The first step to fixing this is Nutritional Response Testing. The test doesn’t need needles like blood tests and is not invasive. Many of our clients have wondered if this type of muscle testing is a trick, but it is in fact a solid way to test your muscles and nervous system to determine what may be off-balance in your body.Berks Chiropractic Specialists helps you pay attention to your spine and how simple adjustments can effect your whole body. Berks County Chiropractic Specialists is a quality chiropractor in Fleetwood PA that provides not only chiropractic services, but supplements and cleansing treatments to clients around Reading PA, Oley PA, Blandon PA, Kutztown PA, Laureldale PA, and more!

The test includes pressing down on your extended arm while pressing on a possible source of the issue. If your arm drops, that shows that the issue has been found and can now be treated! This test is the observation of how muscles interact with the nervous system in a way that we can deduce where and what the problem is. Be wary of practices that preach this method as a way to tell you what to do or what will happen, as muscle testing is solely for locating an issue within your body. This test can be faked through using other muscles than the one being tested, so we help you through using the correct muscle so the test is as accurate as possible.

Once we isolate the issue, we can begin treatment. Our treatments are primarily dietary changes with some supplements which combine to fix the issue at the source by strengthening that weak point over time. We only schedule as many appointments as needed, as your body heals itself when you stick to the nutritional plan and supplements we recommend. Let us help you get started on the road to health and wellness with Nutritional Response Testing.